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A 5 minute platformer in which you control DeezMan, a space explorer whose ship just crashed in a strange world. Your objective is to keep the electric signal of the ship as long as needed so your people can find and rescue you while avoiding the planet dangers. 

A demo developed for the GameMakersToolkit 2020 Jam.


A D, Arrow Keys: Move.  

Left Shift + Movement: Push your Spaceship 

Spacebar: Jump.


Programmer — Diego Llorens (Twitter: @diego_llorens, Website: https://diegollorensrico.wixsite.com/portfolio

Programmer — Ángel Ramírez (Twitter: @AngelRDev Website: https://angelrdev.itch.io/)

2D Artist —  Xander Calvin (Twitter: @SUSpixelart)

Music — Xander Calvin (Twitter: @SUSpixelart)


FadingSignal_GMTK_GoodGuys.zip 27 MB


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A really cutesy game with some beautiful pixel art, great music and responsive controls (ironically). My only real criticism is that I don't know what to do besides moving the ship out of the way. Half way through the game it just caught on fire and I seemingly couldn't do anything to fix it. Still a good game though!